Attendees Guide


  • No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to enter the exhibition area.

  • S&B name tag must be worn always.

  • S&B attendee name tag is non-transferable.

  • Name tag sharing is NOT allowed.

  • Any Visitor/Exhibitor found using another attendee’s name tag will have the name tag seized and will be removed from the exhibition area.

  • S&B organizer reserves the right to require the visitor to change into appropriate attire and/or remove the attendee from the exhibition area.

  • By entering the S&B Exhibition area, all attendees consent to release all rights to any photographs or recordings taken or recorded by S&B organizer and by members of the media.

  • Attendees grant S&B organizer and media the right, permission, and license to use videos and images taken on the exhibition/conference floor for business marketing purposes.

  • If an attendee violates any rule, regulations or causes any disruption then S&B organizer reserves the right to remove the attendee from the exhibition area and prohibit re-entry.

  • Attendance is free of charge.
Note: Registration administration fee will apply.

    Fee & Discount

  • Registration administration fee to attend S&B will cost $30 for a three days exhibit halls pass.

  • 25% discount of attendee registration fee applies with submission of an exhibitor invitation.

  • Register now then watch your inbox for S&B invitation and special offers (from us and from our exhibitors!) on how you can get extra discount.

    Prizes & Gifts

  • Attendee completed registration is automatically enrolled in withdraw on all S&B prizes and gifts.

  • Register before May 1st, 2020 to win one of five round-trip flight tickets from anywhere in the world to Cairo.

  • Register to win one of ten resort vouchers from Shaminn Amarein Resort for five days vacation.

  • Register to win one of many valuable presents and hundreds of souvenirs.